What are the 7 chakras’ frequencies?

In this article I will present the chakras' frequencies as I have identified them after about 2 years of research and testing with many people in my meditation seminars. In 2019 I created these frequencies as audio files that you can use to test yourself, as well as for meditation, healing… or in any way you want.

The chakras frequencies: many theories but no straight answers.

There many theories and researches trying to identify the frequencies and sounds corresponding to each chakra. After reading everything I could find and experimenting with different sounds, I have concluded that a single answer to the question “what are the chakras’ frequencies?” simply does not exists yet.

Until we create (or be given… since I am pretty sure something like this already exists!) a machine to measure the vibration of the energetic body depending on the frequencies to which it is being exposed, we will never know for sure what the chakra frequencies are.

The good news, though, is that we can still find frequencies that work based on two factors:

  1. The correct vibration of the area of the body connected with the chakra when emitting the frequency through the voice.
  2. The correspondence of the sound frequency with the electromagnetic frequency of the color of the chakra (e.g. the sound frequency of the heart chakra is about 128 Hz, if we raise it of 42 octaves it corresponds to the frequency of green, that is 564.86 THz, with a wavelength of 530.74 nanometres).

These 2 factors have been my compass to identify the sound frequencies I have created. I have also only focused on frequencies that could easily be emitted through the voice. Other researchers suggest frequencies that are way above the capacity of our vocal cords, I am not saying that these are necessarily wrong, but they are certainly harder to test and verify because using the voice is the most practical way to create an internal vibration.

This is not an ironclad scientific research! But it’s a start.

Factor one can be of course subjective, but generally most people will find that at least a similar range of frequencies, when emitted through the voice, will allow the same areas of the body to vibrate.

Factor 2, though fascinating, can still be debated because sound and light are different:

  1. The frequencies of visible light and audible sound differ from each other by more than ten orders of magnitude (in fact to correlate a sound to a color we must raise it of several octaves).
  2. Sound is a form of mechanical energy caused by vibrations of matter. Light is electromagnetic energy caused by interacting electric and magnetic fields.
  3. Light waves are composed of transverse waves (meaning that the oscillations are perpendicular to its direction of “propagation”) in an electromagnetic field, while sound waves are mechanical longitudinal waves(meaning that the oscillations occur in the direction of propagation) causing alternating compression and expansion of matter.
  4. Sound requires a medium to propagate, light does not. Therefore, while light does “propagate” through a vacuum (absence of a medium), sound does not.
  5. The denser the medium, the greater the speed of sound. The opposite is true of light.
  6. Electromagnetic waves (including light) are a “stream of particles” (photons). Sound does not consist of particles. In other words, sound is only a wave, whereas light exhibits both wave and particle properties.
  7. Light waves can be polarized, but sound waves cannot.

(Bullet points source: https://roelhollander.eu)

The study of the correspondence between color and sound is extremely fascinating and dates back at least to the 13th century. Roel Hollander wrote a very good article about this topic, check it out for insights.

My frequencies are approximations

To adapt the frequencies to a musical scale (in this case G major, with a 432 Hz tuning) some frequencies among the chosen ones do not correspond exactly to the wavelength of the chakra’s color anymore, and to be precise:

  1. The frequency of the Solar Plexus (3° chakra) corresponds to a yellow-green color (should be yellow)
  2. The frequency of the Third Eye (6° chakra) corresponds to a dark blue (should be violet/indigo)

The above frequencies still activate the vibration of the chakra area and I chose to keep them because they allow, when we use all chakra frequencies sequentially, to create a musical scale with a single tuning (this is very useful for creatively chanting the frequencies).

Nevertheless, these frequencies are to be considered experimental and there is of course room for improvement. They can also slightly change from person to person because of subjective factors. In general the best proof that a frequency is correctly activating your chakra is your direct experience: the more it allows the physical/energetic body to vibrate where the chakra resides, the more it is to be considered a correct frequency. A secondary proof can also be if the frequency facilitates somehow the visualization of the correspondent color, but I never really tested this thoroughly.

Chakra sounds and vowels

There are many theories about which sound you should emit to activate the vibration of each chakra. Even in this case, I have decided to keep things simple by choosing the vowel sounds that physically vibrate the most with the chakra area (when emitted at the right frequency).


ChakraSound Frequency (Hz)ColorNoteSound (vowel)Traditional sound in Yoga
1 - Root96.22Dark redGUUU / OOO (closed like in “more”)LANG
2 - Belly108OrangeAOOO (closed like in “more”)RANG
3 - Solar Plexus121.23Yellow-greenBOOO (open like in “orange”)VANG
4 - Heart128.43GreenCAAAYANG
5 - Throat144.16AzureDEEE (open like in “eight”)HANG
6 - Their Eye161.82Dark blueEIII (i) / EEE (open like in “tell”)AUM
7 - Crown181.63PurpleF #III (i)OGUM SATYAM OM
Scroll the above table horizontally to see more info


  • The tuning for the musical notes is A = 432 Hz
  • The color frequencies are always 42 octaves above the musical notes’ frequency
  • To find the light frequency corresponding to each sound I have used a great tool by Flutopedia.com
  • In the traditional Yoga sounds the final “G” is always silent, while the “N” must be a very long sound. These are the sounds used in the famous Chakra Dhyana meditation.
  • 128 Hz had been declared by Rudolf Steiner the frequency “which would carry humanity to the next phase”; this relates well with it being the heart chakra frequency.
  • 136.10 Hz is considered a sacred frequency in India and Tibet, in the table above it would be a C# note, with green-blue color, resonating in the upper chest. In the research of mathematician Hans Cousto, this frequency is also connected with the Earth year frequency (check this video description for more info on this topic).
  • Bashar, a contemporary spiritual teacher, has talked about the C# and 136.10 Hz frequency as well.

The 7 Chakras' frequencies

In the playlist below you will find the frequencies for the 7 chakras, click the menu icon in the upper right corner of the video to access the different frequencies, or go directly to the playlist on Youtube.


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