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Water - social art project -  concept + project image design

Tenimenti d'Alessandro - label and packaging design

Tenimenti d'Alessandro - label and packaging design

Swastikamylove.com - concept + corporate image design

Cinny - UX and UI restyling proposal

Heres - logo restyling

Le Mat - corporate image design

Agrigento - corporate image design

Un'Altracosa Travel - corporate image design

SL&A - corporate image design

Alkemica.net - corporate image design + website design

Nullaosta Natura - corporate image design

Casole d'Elsa -  graphic design

Palidano Press London - photobook design

Palidano Press London - photobook design

Ovidio's Selection - magazine design

Logos design

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Recently I have been asked to participate in an exhibition organized for a bio-store-restaurant not far from where I live. It's called "La Bottega di Stigliano", they sell biological and short supply chain products at the low ground while they manage a great bio-restaurant at the first floor.
But most of all they organize interesting meetings, workshops and exhibitions about agriculture, environment and bio-culture.
The "theme" for this exhibition was "trees beloved trees"... there was not very much time but I still wanted to create something fresh for this occasion, so I put into effect one of my favourite design-strategies... assembling graphic signs.

I had hundreds of tree silouettes in my "vector archive" so I dragged all of them on a big digital sheet and began playing like a child... oh, that's what I prefer, to play with forms and create new meanings almost without efforts :-)

Here is the results of my non-efforts (ok... I must admit that I put a little bit of effort in refining the illustrations and adjusting the colours).

They have been printed on a marvellous birch paper and mounted on dark cork panels (my father idea).


Weird houses

I don't know why I started drawing these houses illustrations... maybe because my father is an architect, or perhaps because I would like to own some of them... in any case they have been drawed without any clear design, just one brick (one line) after the other. That's why I love illustration and I could never be a good architect.


Poem for a Line

During my first experiments with lines and symbols I drawed this 2 meters and a half long story, without never moving away the pen form the sheet. It is the story of a line which dreams about becoming many other things... a kind of abstract journey through a line's mind.



After drawing this illustration it came to my mind to create a children book composed by only one sheet, folded like an accordion. I also found a publishing house interested... but unfortunately the project was dropped because it was too expensive to realize.
I have used this same concepts in some workshops I did with children in the past years, in that case we used long plotter sheets and only one rule: never move away the pen from the sheet. They all had big fun... and it's also a great way to "free" the sign.

Flight tests (for midges)

When I was learning how to draw with the computer, one of the first creatures I drew was a midge. Afterwards I entertained myself creating small scenes representing their flight paths that become a sign, capable of expressing everything. It’s useless to say that I have a passion for discontinuous lines.


The technique used for these illustrations is a graphic pen and a vector drawing software. These illustration have not yet been published, the original idea was to create a series of postcards, but after creating them (as often happens to me) I switched to other projects.

X - a story without words

This is my first children illustration book published in Italy back in 2005. It’s about a story without words; from a simple X on the first page we start a surreal journey zooming in backwards, which reveals in every page a bigger portion of the same design.

I really like the concept of zooming in: it has been used already in the past by other artists with incredible results. I tried to add as well the element of amazement, therefore the design that we think we are guessing is almost never what will be displayed in the following page.

The book could easily be endless and this is another conceptual element that makes me want to take the project in a more ambitious stage, maybe making it into a 999 pages book…

Here they are the 63 illustrations of this children illustration book:


Here is also a short video which I created to introduce the book during a special meeting at the Fine Arts Academy of Florence back in 2006.

The Music is by Ludico Einaudi, a composer and pianist I really love.

This book has been published by Orecchio Acerbo in 2005. Orecchio Acerbo is a famous italian publishing house in the children illustration book industry, they pay a great attention to the quality of their books, so I am very proud to be on of their authors :-)

If you want to buy X or download it in PDF format you may do so on their site by clicking here.

Hide and Seek

In 2010 James Bradburne asked me to create some illustrations for the children's catalogue of an important show in Florence: a series of paintings by the renaissance painter "Bronzino".
Every painting was coming with a rhyme by Roberto Piumini, a very famous and clever children's author here in Italy.

So I mixed everything taking what I was seeing in Bronzino paintings and what Roberto's words where suggesting to my inner eye. You may enjoy the results just below.


Starting from these illustrations I also made some "quick" illustrations in 2 colors, which have been used to come with the paintings captions. Here they are:

The technique used for these children illustrations is a graphic pen and a vector drawing software. All the illustrations, along with Roberto Piumini's rhymes and some Bronzino's paintings, have been published in "Hide and Seek", a children illustration book created for the Bronzino's show in Florence.