They are twelve drawings, made with the mouse during the night from March 11th and 12th 2006.
We can create new links between the connection of mind’s and computer’s speed, between the elasticity of the palm of one’s hand and the screen view, the mouse as a child’s appendix and the mouse-pad as a battle-field, the chance of movements and the algorithms of vector design, the synchronicity of thought and result and the alienation by software, between techno-autism and the art of meditation…

That is “drawing with the mouse”, snapshot paintings, super technological and, at the same time, fragile as any telephone design at the moment you think of another.

from the exhibition catalogue: FREeSHOUT!? 2006, Prato, Italy


The technique used for these illustrations is a graphic pen and a vector drawing software called “Illustrator”. These illustration have been printed on little canvas and showed to the public during an art exhibition called FREeSHOUT!?, back in 2006.
3 of them have been bought by my father, which reminds me I don’t want to end like Vincent Van Gogh… I definitely prefer to become rich and famous while I am still alive.