Recently I have been asked to participate in an exhibition organized for a bio-store-restaurant not far from where I live. It’s called “La Bottega di Stigliano”, they sell biological and short supply chain products at the low ground while they manage a great bio-restaurant at the first floor.
But most of all they organize interesting meetings, workshops and exhibitions about agriculture, environment and bio-culture.
The “theme” for this exhibition was “trees beloved trees”… there was not very much time but I still wanted to create something fresh for this occasion, so I put into effect one of my favourite design-strategies… assembling graphic signs.

I had hundreds of tree silouettes in my “vector archive” so I dragged all of them on a big digital sheet and began playing like a child… oh, that’s what I prefer, to play with forms and create new meanings almost without efforts 🙂

Here is the results of my non-efforts (ok… I must admit that I put a little bit of effort in refining the illustrations and adjusting the colours).

They have been printed on a marvellous birch paper and mounted on dark cork panels (my father idea).