Bashar :: You Are All Time Travelers – Highlights05:11

Information and ordering: Bashar takes us on a deeper journey about how we shift through parallel realities to create time and how we can navigate through time with more awareness. Q&A Includes: • What are our dreams in regards to time travel? • Can we go back and talk to our past selves? • What is the mechanism of how our beliefs affect our experience? • How do miraculous healings work? Bashar discusses the 13th step. • What is telepathy vs. telepathy? • Why do I constantly experience an annoying high pitched sound in my ear? • How can I achieve the perfect health and fitness I desire? • How can I tell the difference between impulsivity and excitement? • Regarding “Masters of Limitation”, your nickname for us, is our human experience best described as and advanced college course, summer school for failed students, or detention after school? • Is murder and violence unique to our reality? • Is murder and violence a part of “All That Is”? • Do you know about violence on your world? • Does the energy from our thoughts feed negative entities? • Is our forgetfulness self-imposed? • Why do we need devices to interact with artificial intelligences? • Would we experience psychotic shock if we saw you on video? • I keep having breaks in my continuity experience, what is going on? • Are the parallel beings I am seeing in a dream part of a quantum entanglement? • Could you comment on my wild experience on an ayahuasca trip? • How do psychic abilities actually work if everything exists now? • What are the mechanics of healing? • Did Tesla create a healing machine? • What was the symbology of a scary dream I had? • What can I make out of my experience with darkness? • How can you balance going with the flow and initiating creation? • What is the meaning of love • Would you like to share anything fun about yourself? • When will we know that the physical Earths are beginning to separate? • How does the element of water play into volcanic earth changes? • From which system did the Anunnaki come from? • Why do so many women give over their power to men so readily? • Were women programmed by the Anunnaki? • Is “The Instruction Manual” a belief that works because you believe in it? • Is it enough to perceive the negative without ever experiencing it? And much more! Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound. Video version recommended due to Holotope Meditation visuals. © 2018 Darryl Anka – All Rights Reserved.