Les Brown Physics Of Crystals Full Documentary. ( Age of Lucidity )2:12:45

This rare documentary takes a look at the true nature of magnetism, electricity and gravity. Crystals, Physics of a fractal universe and Spin on orbiting bodies. Also speaks of pyramids and how to make one to grow large crops. This was taken from a DVD called “The Physics of Crystals.” Buy it here: http://vanguardsciences.biz/dvdcrystal/morecrystals1.htm Here’s a link to his pyramid research book: http://www.holyconservancy.org/789005.htm http://www.vanguardsciences.biz/dvds.htm – Excellent video provides insights into Pyramidal and Tetrahedral Geometry. How they work and how to use them for novel effects. Incredible, information packed, over 2 Hour long DVD describing many unusual and original experiments including transmutation of elements, energy extraction, increasing plant growth, healing the body and more. Also check out our other DVDs and our ebooks at; http://www.vanguardsciences.biz/ebooks.htm