Planet Earth Sound Frequency | 136.10 Hz Om – C# Sound (Bashar) | Om Chanting Music1:11:12

The frequency of 136.10 Hz is considered sacred in some spiritual traditions (mainly in India and Tibet) and used for OM chanting and the tuning of sacred instruments. ⭐ More free guided meditations – It is said by some teachers (like Bashar) to be aligned with the fundamental frequency of our planet. Here is the math to calculate this frequency: 1 Year = 365,256 days = 31,558,118.4 seconds Frequency by definition is 1/ time Thus, our planet frequency could be defined as 1/31,558,118.4 Since this frequency is not audible for human ears, we multiply it until we obtain an audible sound (32 octaves higher). This sound is 136.10 Hz If you tune your music to 432 Hz, it corresponds to approximately a C# For more info on the planets’ frequencies check the work of the mathematician Hans Cousto ( How to use the Earth Primordial Sound • Emit the sound like a long OOO (or OOOM), letting it vibrate throughout your head, throat, chest and lower body to reach a meditative state and facilitate the release of body tension and emotional toxins. Let your breathing become very deep and long; keep emitting the sound at least until you reach a trance like state. To fully appreciate the vibration of the sound, you may begin by emitting a MBBB sound with your lips (keep them soft like when you play a trumpet or a didgeridoo). This will make your head and throat vibrate powerfully. Then emit the OOO sound and bring the vibration down in your chest and belly. • Let the sound play at low volume in an ambient to clean it from energetic toxins and prepare it for meditation or healing work. The audio in this video contains other frequencies (one octave above, one fifth below) to be more pleasant for the ears, so if you measure it using a tuner, it won’t give you precisely 136.10 Hz, but that is still the base frequency. ★ Facebook: ★ Twitter: ★ Pinterest: #nican Credits: =============== The audio has been created by editing and remixing the piece “OM Mantra” by Cristopher Lloyd Clarke (