Relaxing Piano Music for Stress Relief (432 Hz) | Calming Music for Anxiety25:22

Enjoy this 432 Hz relaxing piano music for stress relief and anxiety. This calming music is ideal also for meditation and energy healing work. Let go and relax… you are loved! ⭐ Guided meditations – | ♫ Meditation music –★ Follow ====================================== – Website | more inspirations: – Facebook: – Twitter: – Pinterest:★ Credits ====================================== – Music: “Relaxing Piano Music” by Kevin McLeod – Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License★ OUR 432 Hz MEDITATION MUSIC ====================== Most of our meditation music is converted to 432 Hz tuning. Our music with or without binaural beats (brainwave music) can work as sleep music, studying music, relaxing music and many more. Relaxation music can also be used as Spa music and Massage music. Here you can find powerful self-help hypnosis including healing music, Zen music and yoga music.We compose, mix and distribute instrumental and electronic music that is specially designed to enhance brain function and concentration, spa and massage therapy, and healing music therapy. For this reason, in some cases we use binaural beats.☆ Sleep Music – Insomnia Music: Our deep sleep music sessions have been specifically created to relax mind and body physically and mentally. Brainwave sessions are suitable for everyone including babies, children, and adults. Sleep hypnosis is based on beautifully slow, soft, soothing music to help you to fall asleep within minutes, naturally and without the aid of medication. These sleep meditation sessions will put you into relaxing healing sleep and will train your mind to fall asleep effortlessly. Relaxing sounds of nature combined with soothing music offers you a peaceful sleep. Would you like to learn to control your dreams, overcome nightmares? Lucid dream meditation sessions will help you to get into a deep state of relaxation and have a more pleasant sleep. Say no to sleep insomnia! Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel music episodes are the most popular.☆ Study Music and Focus Music: Study Music & Concentration Music is brainwave background music to help you to study, focus, and concentrate on learning process and work more effectively. Alpha Waves help your mind to get to the state of focus, which is perfect for studying or preparing for exam or test you have at school or university. It also maintains your alertness while studying. Beta waves will help to concentrate for tasks, enhance intelligence.#nican