The Aetheric Physics of Shape Power Part 107:46

An Exploration of the Work of Dan Davidson

The study of aetheric physics must begin with the study of the aether itself. And to fully understand how “shape power” is able to produce subtle energy, we have to understand exactly how shapes interact with this luminiferous aether. The basic premise of subtle energy researchers, who are convinced of the existence of the luminiferous aether, is that all matter is a manifestation of this aether that permeates and fills all space.

Dan Davidson’s research, along with the research of other pioneering subtle energy scientists, has concluded that the aether is the underlying subtle energetic foundation for gravity and various energy effects at the micro and macro levels.

Davidson views the aether as a superfluid which has little to no measurable viscosity.

And his 35-year research career offers extraordinary support for the existence of this superfludic aether.

Mainstream science, however, generally does not recognize the existence of the aether.

This is due mainly to the faulty Michelson and Morley experiment that took place in the early part of the 20th century.

This defective study failed to detect the aether-drift that naturally occurs as a result of the Earth’s rotation.

The mainstream scientific community has remained oblivious to the fact that later experiments by numerous researchers have repeatedly offered strong evidence in support of the existence of the aether.

Numerous spiritual and wisdom traditions feature terms that describe an all-pervading energy, of which the entire material world is made.

Likewise, there are numerous pioneering scientific researchers who have also alluded to the existence of an energy that permeates all space and all material existence.

Qi . . . prana . . . orgone energy . . . torsion . . . and biomagnetism are just a few of the names given by these traditions and researchers to this ubiquitous sea of energy.

It is this all-encompassing field of energy from which all things arise and to which all things return.

Although mainstream science mistakenly dismissed the existence of the aether, it somehow “rediscovered” it in the so-called “Zero Point Energy” field.

This discovery came by way of numerous scientific experiments in which empty space was found to have measurable quantum fluctuations present even when all subatomic movement should have, theoretically, been frozen to a standstill in controlled experimental conditions. Davidson therefore surmised that, rather than admit its mistake of dismissing the aether, the mainstream scientific community instead replaced the aether with the Zero Point field.

In other words, the aether and the Zero Point field are one and the same. The energy density of this quantum vacuum is apparently many times greater than the nuclear energy densities implied in Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2.

The energy density of the aether has been calculated to be so immense, that if scientists were able to tap into the energy potential present within a mere cubic foot of empty space, they would have enough energy to boil all the oceans of the world.

Further research suggests that matter is formed and held together by this Zero Point Energy field.

This aether is at the causal level behind the accepted (but still little understood) forces of physics.

These known forces of physics are the strong and weak nuclear forces, electromagnetism and gravity.

In essence, all physical reality is a manifestation of, and interaction with, this luminiferous aether, the Zero Point field, the quantum field.

Davidson characterizes the aether in the following five ways:

1) The aether is a super fluidic particulate medium which pervades all space.
2) The aether is a medium which, in its various modes, is the building block of the physical universe.
3) The aether is a medium which, in one of its modes, is responsible for all the known grosser physical forces, such as magnetism, electricity, electrical charge, gravity, inertia, and the strong and weak nuclear forces.
4) The aether is a medium which is controllable by the human mind; it can be manipulated by human thought and consciousness.
5) The aether is a medium which can be intensified and manipulated into any force or manifestation by the use of materials, shapes and grosser forces.

Davidson claims that all of known atomic physics can be accounted for by treating . . .