Yoga Music Playlist 80min – Embrace The Moment – Instrumental world music – Herrin1:19:56

DOWNLOAD 2 YOGA TRACKS FREE: music album ‘Embrace The Moment’ is designed to be used as part of an 80-minute yoga workout flow. This instrumental world music features soaring flutes, dancing pianos and acoustic guitars as well as subtle electric guitar and keyboard atmospheres.Website: Buy this album on iTunes: Purchase from the artist: yoga music playlist was created especially to carry you joyfully through your Asana practice. If you use this music for your practice, please share it with your friends, fellow practitioners and/or teachers.Jump to the track: 00:03 Preparing The Way 01:30 The Higher Mind 13:00 Fire In The Belly 33:27 Inner Strength 44:09 Reflection of Self 1:08:24 The Journey HomeTOTAL TIME: 80 MinutesSUBSCRIBE TO EMAIL LIST AND DOWNLOAD 3 FREE MP3S NOW THE MUSICIANSJAI LARKAN – Piano, keyboards & programming. KRISNA LANE – Flutes HERRIN – Guitars, vocals, keyboards and programming. Also responsible for the producing, recording, mixing and mastering. Website ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ► you enjoy this music, please comment, like, subscribe and share.© Copyright 2019 – Herrin Music